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Christmas Morning Survival Tips

25th Feb 2016

As a mum of a 17 year old (and 4 year old) I have spent many Christmas mornings vowing to learn from experience when it comes to children’s gifts. Does this scenario sound familiar?….

BUT Oh it needs batteries! Where’s a screwdriver to get the compartment open? all of the plastic tags holding it in place in it’s box need cutting off, the list goes on.

The children are getting impatient; wanting to try out their new toys and you are frantically trying to get them working but have the turkey to attend to and the vegetables to prepare, the phone rings and it’s Nanny wanting to know if they liked the gifts they bought but oh who got what?!..ahhhhhh!…’

So if this is typical of a Christmas morning in your house or something you would like to avoid please see our following tips for the BIG day:

Pad & pen – Note who bought what for whom in preparation for the ‘thank you’s’
Bin liner – To collect all the wrappings, tags, bows and sellotape (you can recycle some of this later)
Camera, fully charged – Capturing those delighted faces makes the months of stressful planning all worthwhile!
A supply of batteries in all shapes and sizes – Many toys and gadgets do not include batteries
Scissors – For hard-to-open packaging and plastic fastenings
Screw drivers, pliers & tools for construction
Elastic bands and small freezer/sandwich bags to store and hold together small pieces and playing cards, once the cellophane has been ripped open.
Hoover to the ready for all the bits! (Watch for staples and other small, sharp objects amongst packaging with little ones crawling about).

It’s worth thinking ahead when you are buying or wrapping to check for battery requirements or what is entailed to construct it and so on. If you can open the packaging, ‘have it ready to go’ and then wrap it – all the better – also bearing in mind when it is part of the fun to put it together and when it’s just best to do it beforehand.

You don’t want to be caught out when all of the shops are closed!

Try on all clothing items before removing the tags, you may be able to exchange them for the right size.

Lastly, any unsuitable, duplicate or unwanted maternity, baby and toddler items can be added for sale or swap on our website so if it’s still in the packaging with tags you may get a better price for it! (Hey you always get the odd thing and it could be put to better use with somebody else :) )

Do you have any more useful tips to make Christmas morning run smoothly? Please feel free to comment:


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