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9 Super Easy DIY Children's Costumes

6th Oct 2016

Is it us or does it feel as though the nursery or school are asking for another 'costume day' every other week?

Mums juggling the work/home, life, kids balance know that time is precious and we don't always have enough of it to dedicate to projects, leaving us feeling guilty and inadequate.  We all want the best for our children and for them to participate in activities; not being the one who can't/isn't allowed. 

If you're not a dab hand with a sewing needle or at making artistic creations, the need for a costume can cause us anxiety as we visualise others' creative makes in the playground and we don't always have the disposable cash or access to convenient ready-made costumes.

Fear not, we have been doing a bit of googling and have found some super easy last minute ideas that you can set about making with or for your children; ideal for Hallowe'en, nursery and school theme days such as World Book Day, themed birthday parties and more.

They are pretty self-explanatory! Ranging from an octopus to Princess Leah!

(We give credit to the owners of these pictures and are not claiming them to be our own ideas).


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