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Baby Swap or Shop would like to ensure all our users can utilise our services with the upmost confidence. Please follow the information below on user etiquette, safety, and general advice on using Baby Swap or shop.

General Rules & Netiquettes

Our website is an online community for mums and dads to buy, sell and swap for their young families and we will endeavour to keep it as smooth running as possible.

Please help our parent community by adhering to the following:

Please be polite when replying to messages via the public areas.

If you have planned to buy, sell or collect an item and you change your mind or can't attend an arranged time then please let the other member know, even if it's last minute so they know what's happened and don't feel let down.

Always keep an open line of communication between yourself and your buyer/seller so that everybody knows the situation every step of the way and will know when to expect delivery/payment and so on.

Our website does have an 'abusive language filter' and any words typed that imply a particular offensive word (for example if you type symbols instead of vowels or numbers etc) will be deemed as a breach of our terms and conditions and you may be banned from using this site.

Any comments, listings or photo images uploaded that are offensive, racial, abusive, criminal, sexual; discriminatory in any way will be removed and the member responsible will be banned.

Any false representation or libelous posts about Baby Swap or Shop and their associates WILL result in legal action.

Please also take care on every transaction:

Do not give out your address and personal inforation to anybody you are unsure of, if you are in any doubt please avoid doing so.

Please only arrange to meet someone to collect an item if another person accompanies you and try to do so in a public place; do not attend an address alone unless you know and trust the person.

Please protect yourself in terms of payment, pay cash on collection where possible and use trusted payment methods such as Paypal. Do not send goods until cheques are cleared and payments are received.

Please allow enough time for postage before opening a dispute for un-received goods; taking into account, weekends and bank holidays, cheques to be paid in and cleared and the rate of postage (for example 2nd class) or terms as per the courier used.

Please rate the seller/buyer honestly once the transaction is completed, this is vital feedback for future sales and purchases.

Please be as honest as possible when listing an item for sale. If the goods are faulty or damaged in any way, the buyer has the right to be made aware before committing to buying the item. Once they have been made aware and have purchased it is at their own risk.

Please also read our safety information relating to buying second hand cot mattresses and car seats.




For Sale/Wanted – What is Acceptable?

Baby swap or Shop is fundamentally for parents and mums-to-be to sell, swap and buy maternity, baby and toddler items (0-4 years); which is free of charge.

So that our free to use service is not abused in any way, please note the following:

When posting an item, you will be able to pre-select from lists of known brands, makes and models to make listing easier, however if your item isn’t there and it is a maternity, baby or toddler item, please let us know.

We do have a lenient approach to our selling guides in that we do like to help promote items or services that may be of benefit to mums and dads (and their children) who use this site. Please seek permission before posting anything other than maternity, baby and toddler items. Examples of this are local toddler groups or sessions, fundraising events, educational classes for young ones, parenting classes – if you know of anything relevant and you would like to create awareness please do so, however anything not deemed appropriate will be removed at our discretion. For example ladies (non-maternity), men’s, older children’s items , household and similar will be removed.

Unfortunately; to avoid spamming or abuse of the site, you will not be able to input telephone numbers or links within your posts.

However, if you are the organiser/company there is a dedicated area for you to use:

The Market Place section is for the purpose of working at home mothers and small businesses to promote their goods and homemade products alongside classes such as toddler groups, baby massage and so on. This is a ‘paid-for’ area with added features. You are able to post links to your website and telephone numbers and your listings are unlimited.***

We are happy for local businesses to place adverts if they are relevant or beneficial to our mums and dads such as photography packages, keepsakes, gift hampers and services.

We will not tolerate any listings containing any of the following (this list is not exhaustive) and we will reserve the right to remove listings:

  • Counterfeits/fakes
  • Illegal or stolen goods
  • Sexual toys/pornography
  • Pets/livestock
  • Firearms or weapons
  • Alcohol/tobacco
  • Drugs, medicated or recreational
  • Media downloads
  • Opened/unsealed food or drink products
  • Tickets/Vouchers



Safety Information on Used Car Seats

It is advised to only purchase a used car seat if you know and trust the person you are buying it from and are reassured that it hasn't been involved in an accident.

Even if the seat looks in good condition there are other aspects to be aware of; firstly ensure there is the original instruction booklet with the car seat so it can be fitted correctly to your car, secondly if it's old then it may not be as protective as it needs to be and finally check it hasn't been part of a product recall.

Your local fire station may provide car seat safety checks or ask on your local page to see if anyone knows of any other people who provide this service.

Safety Information on Second Hand Mattresses

As we understand it there isn't enough evidence to allow experts to confidently state that used cot mattresses lead to cot death. However research has shown that there is a link between the two.

The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) gives the following advice on mattresses:

"It is very important that your baby’s mattress is kept clean and dry. Ideally you should buy a new mattress for each new baby. If you are not able to do this, use the one you have, as long as it was made with a completely waterproof cover and has no tears, cracks or holes. Clean and dry it thoroughly. Check that the mattress is in good condition; is firm, not soft; fits the cot without any gaps; and doesn’t sag. Never sleep your baby on a pillow, cushion, bean bag or waterbed."




Hi and welcome to our shiny new website which is also mobile friendly! We thank you for choosing to use Baby Swap or Shop and hope you love the new and improved website; however sometimes little things do go wrong or we may have overlooked something and with your help we can quickly make it better for your user experience so please take a minute to contact us here and tell us what you have experienced giving as much information as possible to enable us to resolve any problems that may have occurred or feedback any ideas and suggestions to make this a fabulous place to be!

For your own security we were unable to transfer encrypted passwords from our old website to our new one. So, If you were previously a member, please take a moment to re-register. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you enjoy the new mobile friendly BSOS.

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